Whats the weather like?

Rotor Worx

Based in Wellington, in the Western Cape Boland, Rotorworx Aviation take pride in servicing the aerial needs of the agricultural sector. Be it spraying, fruit-fly baiting, photography or work in the wildlife industry, Rotorworx has the solution to suit any need. We ensure the highest levels of accuracy, precision and professionalism in every aspect of our work.

With the aid of weather stations and the latest in GPS technology, we only service our target areas when wind, humidity and temperature conditions are favourable. Our fleet includes 6 well-maintained Robinson 44 helicopters, 1 Cesna Husky (fixed wing), 1 Air Tractor 402B (fixed wing) all equipped with custom-made spray-kits to ensure optimal performance and precision application.

Our dedicated ground crew operate on site, making certain that the product is mixed adequately and in the correct quantities. Our mixing rigs also swiftly service the helicopters with fuel so as to maximise flying time.We pride ourselves on a functional and successful partnership where we aim to provide an honest and productive service to all of our clients.